Computer Science Internship- Smartlog


1. Job Description:
- Learning how to write and maintain algorithm for VRP, Bin Packing, Price Matching problem and other problem related to logistics with both static and realtime data.
- Learning how to model operation research and logistics problem and suggesting solution based on customer requirements.
- Learning the concept of state-of-the-art algorithm toolbox for optimization problem such as constraint programing, (non-linear) mixed integer programing, dynamics programming (reinforcement learning)
- Learning to work on big data processing framework such as Hadoop, Spark ...
- Working together with implementation teams to write test case based on real data from customers.

2. Skill:
- Familiar with one of following languages: Java, C++ or Python
- Strong knowledge about Algorithm and Data Structure
- Strong mathematics background, including: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Graph Theory, Probability and Statistics
- Strong modeling mindset
- Last year or year 4 (5 year program)

3. Salary:
4.000.000-6.000.000 VND/month

Our best candidate is the one that have willingness to learn on an academic-based industry environment! You will have chance to work with people from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Chicago, Deakin University, University of Utah and Kyushu University.
Please send your CV to
Quantitative and Algorithms Researcher
M: 0366010588
A: No. 75/64, Kim Giang Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.

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