Passion for Nanotechnology brings the girl from Nghe An province to the world


Truong Thanh Loan, an USTH alumna in Advanced Materials Science & Nanotechnology discovered her passion for science by chance and it has brought her amazing opportunities to step in the international science and technology world.

A consistent passion for science

Nanotechnology is the study and application of extremely small things. Nano materials are widely used in many fields of life such as agricultural and medical technology, electronics, garment technology, information technology. Currently, there has been a great demand from the labor market for people with good knowledge of the applications of Nanotechnology in cell extraction, disinfection, sterilization to join solar cell manufacturing industry, electronics, functional food, and cosmetics.

After reading about the application of silver nanoparticles in medical and other fields, the high school girl Truong Thanh Loan from Dien Chau district, Nghe An province immediately got interested and decided to follow pursue Nanotechnology as her career.

At that time, the number of training programs in Nanotechnology was limited. Loan applied for Bachelor in Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology since she realized that the curriculum would equip her with solid knowledge in Nanotechnology. Loan's decision wasn’t supported by her family, since back then USTH was a newly established university and Nanotechnology was also a new training field. Like many parents, her parents wanted her to study at well- established university and popular training fields.

loan nano 1

Steps  leading to the science world

3 years studying at USTH has provided Loan solid knowledge and unique opportunities, which might not have been obtained in other public universities. Loan learnt how to study and do research professionally in the international environment and built up her future orientation. In particular, beside solid scientific knowledge, Loan gains many beautiful friendships at USTH. The small size of classes brought USTH students close to each other. When graduated and followed different career path, the passion for science connects all members of USTH Alumni Association and unite them into a close-knit community.

Loan nano 2

Loan is one of very few USTH students who chose to do internship in Vietnam. She wanted to spend more time on searching and completing the scholarship applications for prestigious universities. After so much effort, Loan received “Paris - Saclay scholarship” to study Master in Chemistry from University of Paris 11 - top 5 Universities in France in 2017. The heavy workload of the Master course does not make Loan feel intimidated or unconfident. Loan easily gets used to working with the tight schedule, which requires her to stay at the lab until 10 pm many times.

Since being familiar with listening lectures in English, Loan knows how to summarize the main ideas as well as the requirements from lecturers. Studying at USTH also trains Loan several necessary skills, for example how to select useful information, how to write reports following international standards. Difficult French classes at USTH, now has allowed her to communicate with local people in daily life.

Loan said that the Bachelor program in Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology was the first important step that helps her step into the science world. After the Master program, Loan plans to pursue Ph.D. at the University of Paris 11 or at USTH since they are both universities that she really loves.


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