USTH has organized the library to serve the learning demands of students since it was established.

In 2014, the library was moved to Room 705, 7th floor, Training and Service Building, VietNam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) campus. A space of nearly 100m2 was reserved for the new library.

From 2014 up to now, USTH library has been gradually broadened while services improved.

At this new location, the university has increased the investment for equipment in order to satisfy students’ academic activities. The library offers locker space, individual study space, group study space and computer space. The university also set up another telephone line in the library to make it easier for students to get connected with the librarian in case they cannot come to the library.

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The documents are stored in open consultation, so students are free to find books and look up for information conveniently. The number of publications imported into the library has increased every year, consisting of many books in different fields and the theses, reports from bachelor and master programs. USTH library includes many textbooks, reference books and other professional documents both in Vietnam and overseas which were suggested by the professors, lecturers and researchers. More than 95% of the documents in the library are in English, which is consistent with the context that English is the official teaching language in USTH.

With the aim of improving the library’s service quality, in the future USTH will continue to invest more on facility of the library like expanding the operating scale and space, ordering more books, and conserve the books better.

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