University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH, or Vietnam France University) is an international public university of advanced model established under the Bilateral Agreement between Vietnamese and French Governments signed on November 12, 2009, and the Decision No. 2067/QĐ-TTg dated November 09, 2009 of the Prime Minister.

USTH delivers degrees in compliance with the European Bologna system (LMD) (Bachelor/Master/PhD studies in 3/2/3 year-duration, respectively). PhD Degree is co-accredited by France and Vietnam.

The programs offered by the Doctoral school (DS) correspond to the scientific fields covered by the laboratories at the USTH. This allows young researchers, in addition to their research work in the laboratories, to approach higher level in scientific training and to make an excellent preparation for their future professional life.

PhD specialties

-           Pharmacological, Medical en Agronomical Biotechnology (PMAB)
-           Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology (AMSN)
-           Water-Environment-Oceanography (WEO)
-           Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
-           Energy (EN)
-           Space and Applications (SA)
Lecturers qualified by USTH-DoS for teaching at PhD training level    

1. Each academic year, the director of department submits to USTH-DoS Council the list of PhD training modules available at the department together with the list of scientists proposed to be in charge of these training modules. The USTH-DoS Council evaluates and approves these training modules and qualified lecturers.

2. Qualified lecturers for teaching PhD programs (except for training MS modules) should:

(i) Hold a PhD diploma in the field of or relevant to the PhD training module.
(ii) Have at least 03 years of working experience after PhD graduation.
(iii) Be active in research in a period of 03 years prior their involvement in PhD training program.
Scientists qualified by USTH-DoS for supervising and advising PhD research work

With the objective to allow the PhD research at USTH-DoS to meet the international standard, USTH-DoS requires 02 qualified scientists to supervise the PhD research work. Among them, at least 01 scientist should be USTH faculty or French visiting scientist working in USTH-laboratories or USTH-associated laboratories in Vietnam. The second supervisor should be a qualified scientist of any citizenship who is working in a high education and or research institution aboard or in Vietnam.

Qualified supervisor should:

(i) Hold at least a PhD diploma.

(ii) Have at least 03 years of working experience after PhD graduation.

(ii) Be an active researcher in the period of 03 years prior to the supervising of the PhD thesis research work.

2. With the aim to promote research capability of young lecturers at USTH, the USTH-DoS encourages 01 young lecturer having an appropriate expertise to involve in the PhD research work and act as an advisor (or a mentor) to candidate.

Qualified mentor should:

(i) Hold at least a PhD diploma.

(ii) Be active researcher in the period of 02 years prior to the involvement in the PhD thesis project.

3. Each academic year, USTH-DoS Council calls for application from USTH academic staff for qualification as a PhD supervisor or PhD mentor. USTH-DoS council evaluates application and submits to USTH Rector the evaluation result. USTH Rector issues decision on awarding a qualification that is subsequently communicated by USTH-DoS to future applicants.

In the case of international scientists, qualification is evaluated in the same time with the evaluation of the PhD proposal.