Training program

USTH proposes an international Master Degree in Biotechnology Pharmacology, of 19 teaching units (equiv. 120 ECTS) taught in English.

More than 60% of them are taught by international lecturers. The diploma is delivered by USTH and conjointly by a French University and is recognized by the European Union and International University education system.

The master course is characterized by academic and practical courses that initiate the student to the top knowledge and cutting-edge technologies in Biotechnology. Two internships in public or private research and development laboratories, in Vietnam or abroad, allow the student to get first professional experiences to conduct and report on a scientific research project. In addition the student is trained in law, economy and management to be familiar with the international regulations and practice operative in international and Vietnamese companies.

The master aims to form managerial R&D staffs of international standard for biotechnology companies, universities and research institutions and open the way to realize a PhD.