Foundation Year (1st Year)



1. General Introduction

By applying an innovative program, the foundation year equips USTH students with the skills to be successful in any university setting. In addition to scientific subjects (i.e. Chemistry, Physics, Biology, IT and Mathematics), Management Sciences and English are taught to develop students’ communication and interpersonal skills and ability to work in groups, developing practical skills essential for working not only in research, but also in today’s business.
The enormous knowledge provided in the first year will help students make a smooth transition into any particular training field of the second and third year. Indeed, USTH offers not only strong traditional skills but also high levels of creativity and innovation in order to stay competitive for the Vietnamese and International market.
More amazing things are waiting for you!

2. Study program

The study program for the Common Year will be delivered within three main subjects:
(1) English for science         (10 ECTS);
(2) Management Sciences    (2 ETCS)  
(3) Scientific courses           (48 ECTS).
A more detailed program could be found in the Teaching Profile.
Criteria: students who achieve at least 80% among 60 ECTS and have GPA ≥ 10.0 are able to pass the Common Year and go into the 2nd Year.
Teaching Unit Code Courses ECTS
EFL EN1.3 English listening & note-taking 2
EN1.4 English for science 2
EN1.5 Basic English reading 1
EN1.6 Basic English Writing 1
EN1.7 Basic English Listening 1
EN1.8 Basic English Speaking 1
EN2.1 English presentation 1
EN2.3 English Intensive Academic Writing 1
MS MS1.1 Law of Science and Technology of Vietnam 1
MS1.2 Foundation of economics 1
BIOLOGY BIO1.1 Cellular biology 3
BIO1.2 Biochemistry 3
BIO1.4 Genetics 3
CHEMISTRY CHEM1.1 General Chemistry I 3
CHEM1.2 Organic Chemistry 3
CHEM1.5 General Chemistry II 3
CHEM1.6 Practical chemistry 2
ICT ICT1.2 Basic programming 4
ICT1.4 Introduction to informatics 4
MATHS MATH1.1 Linear Algebra 3
MATH1.4 Calculus I 3
MATH1.5 Calculus II 3
PHYSICS PHYS1.1 Mechanics & Thermodynamics 4
PHYS1.2 Electromagnetism 3
PHYS1.4 Optics and Quantum mechanics 2
PHYS1.5 Practical physics 2
Total 60

3. Supporting services

Several fast accesses to facilitate student’s study could be found in the following links:

4. Contact information

Logo moi 2          Dr. Dao Thanh Duong – Coordinator of the Common Year
Tel : 024 3 7917206
Email: dao-thanh.duong @

Tran Thi Le Thu - Academic Assistant of the Common Year
Tel: 024 3 7918517
Email: tran-thi-le.thu @