Arrival & Orientation

Get to know Vietnam and Hanoi                               

Introducing Vietnam from Lonely Planet (external link): "Astonishingly exotic and utterly compelling, Vietnam is a country of breathtaking natural beauty with a unique heritage, where travel quickly becomes addictive". 

All sorts of useful and general travel information from climate conditions to currency or customs entry regulations can be found on the corresponding sites of the Vietnam Tourism website.

Climate and Clothing

The climate in Vietnam is varied. Summer days in Hanoi are hot, ranging from 25-350C. Several extreme days could reach 37-380C. For outdoor excursions and activities during the IBO week we highly recommend you to bring:

• Good shoe gear (e.g. trekking shoes)

• Sun protection (e.g. sunglasses, suntan lotion)

• Rain protection (umbrella and/or rainproof jacket)

• Cloths for both hot weather (lightweight cotton cloths)


Local cuisines of an astounding variety like Pho, Banh Cuon, Bun Cha, Bun Oc, Cha Ca etc. are sold throughout the city with eateries available almost everywhere. Upscale dining and international cuisines are served at several well-known restaurants.


The Dong (VND) is the official currency in Vietnam. The US Dollar and the Euro are among the common foreign currencies available for exchange. Their exchange rates at the moment are 1USD = 21.770VND and 1 EUR = 24.690VND.


The electric current is 220 volt AC (50Hz) throughout the country. Vietnam uses type C (2-pin),  type G (3-pin) (most common), and type A plugs. For all other plugs (i.e. for laptops), an adaptor will be needed.


Medical Information

Medical care in Vietnam is widely available and reliable. Visitors are, however, strongly advised to take up suitable travel and medical insurance in their own country.