Educational Engineer



  1. Introduction

With the aim of building an advanced model in the Higher Education system in Vietnam, promoting innovation and bringing the quality of Higher Education in Vietnam to a high level in the region and the world, the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) was established in 2010 in Vietnam. USTH is operated under the Intergovernmental Agreement between Vietnam and France, signed on November 12 2009 and the Decision No. 2067/QD-TTg dated December 9 2009 of the Prime Minister.
As an international public university with a new model of organization and operation, USTH recognize the role crutial of pedagogy including the innovation pedagogy in the higher educational environment. The university is offering teaching programs in association with plenty of practical exercises and internships at USTH and our partners’ laboratories, such as: research centres, enterprises in Vietnam and abroad. USTH is strongly supported in the academic field through a French consortium of over fourty higher education and research institutions and by the French government. Thus, USTH is always looking for an upgraded toolkit of teaching strategies and skills to offer appropriate learning opportunities to all our students; and develops continualy the best ways of training.

     2. Objectives of the assignment 

The Educational Engineer is responsible for the promotion and assistance to:
- The use of new pedagogies in USTH and is constantly testing innovative approaches to teaching and learning;
- The use of new technologies adapted to teaching and learning as well in face-to-face training; blended and/or distance learning.

     3. Activities
 Training support
The Educational Engineer: 
- support pedagogical team in USTH (lecturers, coordinators, etc.) to (i) enhance the teaching and training quality and to (ii) realize their pedagogical project, 
- organize the training workshops, activities, events, etc. related to the pedagogy in order to promote the new way of teaching and learning.

ICTT (Information and Communication Technologies adapted to Teaching) support
The Educational Engineer: 
- In term of technology intelligence, keep track of the latest technological developments applying to training
- Identify opportunities from new emerging technologies for USTH training needs and possible tests 
- Collaborate with the International Cooperation Unit and related Departments about the call projects related to ICTT
- Support and collaborate with IT Department about technical aspects of teaching devices (Moodle for e.g.): implementation, development, administration, maintenance, etc.
- Pedagogical and technical accompaniment of all USTH lecturers in the project related to ICTT: 

  •  To interface with all pedagogical teams about the conception of training material and with developers about applications, systems and networks,
  •  To implement the production chain and media coverage of all contents incompliance with ergonomic, graphic and quality charters,
  •  To ensure the teachers training in the field of blended and distance training,
  •  To prepare functional specifications to create new resources,
  •  To ensure a techno-educational monitoring,
  •  To write documentation about specific tools and software.

* Evaluation activities
Collaborate with related Departments to manage the Evaluation process in USTH: 
- Course evaluation by students process in Bachelor and Master courses,
- Course evaluation by invited teachers process.

    4. Qualifications, skill and experience requirements

The Educational Engineer must possess the knowledge and competences related to the new educational trends in particular with web 2.0: social learning, MOOCs, e-portfolios and personal learning spaces.
He (She) must be able to assist all teaching teams in the conception of these new pedagogical models.
He (She) has to possess basic concepts in the legal field applied to ICTT and keep a close watch about it.

- Having at least the Engineer or Bachelor degree in Multimedia or ICT or Educational sciences. 
- Technical skills:

  •  About current legislation concerning copyright and right to image for all visual, audio and textual elements,
  •  About ICTT tools and ease in their daily use (pedagogical platforms, editorial channels, software, content creation, web conference, interactive whiteboard, collaborative tools,…).

- Know-how:

  •  Ensure coordination between the different partners,
  •  Work in interaction with teachers, research teams and technological networks in the field,
  •  Valorize and formalize projects,
  •  Anticipate operating problems and perpetuate resources.

- Pesonal qualities: 

  •  Autonomy, spirit of initiative, rigor,
  •  Team spirit and sense of collaboration,
  •  Ability to listen and sense of contact.

- Fluency in English is appreciated. Some knowkedge in French would be considered a plus. 

   5. Application

The application package must be in English and contain:
• Motivation letter 
• Curriculum vitae 
• Copy of diplomas and certificates (if any)
• Recommendation letters (if any)
Deadline for applicants: 15/06/2018
Application package can be sent in soft copy to email or in hard copy to:
University of Science and Technology of Hanoi 
A21 Building, Room 814
HR Department
18 Hoang Quoc Viet St. Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0243 219 1361