Call For Applications For The Year 2017

Call For Applications To
The Usth Doctoral School (Usth-Dos) For The Year 2017

PhD specialties

- Pharmacological, Medical en Agronomical Biotechnology (PMAB)

- Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology (AMSN)

- Water-Environment-Oceanography (WEO)

- Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

- Energy (EN)

- Space and Applications (SA)

Mode of admission

- Preselecting dossiers at USTH.
- Interviewing directly with the specialty subcommittee including Vietnamese and French professors.

Requirements for applications

1. Degrees
  • Applicant hold a Master degree in the field of application or a field relevant to the field of application;


  • Applicant hold a Bachelor degree in the field of application or a field relevant to the field of application, with the excellent grade (GPA from 9.0/10 onwards);
  • Author of 01 scientific publication or scientific report in the related field, published in the scientific journal or conference proceedings with oral presentation within 03 years (36 months) counting to the registration date.
2. Outline of the research proposal:

The research proposal must includes following informations :

  • Topic or field of research;
  • Reason for the choice of the topic or field of research;
  • Overview of the research related to the topic or field of research;
  • Target of the research;
  • Implemention plan for each period of training;
  • Experience, knowledge, understanding and preparations of applicants for the intended topic or field of research;
  • Expected conditions for the laboratory and the research funding;
  • Expected results;
  • Intended plan for working after graduation;
  • Proposal on supervisors


The PhD thesis topic has to be signed and certified by the proposed surpervisors. Candidate are encougaged to choose the thesis subject and supervisors in the proposed list of USTH.

The list is regularly updated by the USTH Doctoral School at:

In case the candidate proposes the PhD topic and the tentative supervisors, the USTH DoS will assist to the candidate to contact the supervisors or suitable thesis topic and to complet the application dossier. The USTH DoS Scientific committee will take the final decision on the proposed thesis topic or proposed thesis supervisor.

3. Supervisors
  • Maximum 2 scientsts: 1 Vietnamese supervisor and 1 foreign supervisor (who are working in Vietnam, in France or in other countries) and at least 01 scientist should be USTH faculty or French visiting scientist working at USTHlaboratories or USTHassociated laboratories in Vietnam.
  • Holding a PhD diploma and having at least 03 years of working experience after PhD graduation; having been or being a principal supervisor of the scientific and technology tasks at different levels; being the principal author of at least one article or scientific publication in a journal in the list of ISI Thomson Reuters or Scopus – Elsevier database or at least preparing one book chapter for reference with the ISBN international standard code issued by foreign publishers; or being the principal author of at least 02 papers published in the international peer-review in an international conference, or 02 papers or scientific publications published on a foreign scientific journal in the relevant fields of the thesis topic of the PhD student.
  • Be recognized as enough qualified to be supervisor by the USTH Doctoral School scientific committee*.

* The USTH Doctoral School Scientific committee will evaluate the supervisor based on their research result and their international publications within 03 years.

4. Foreign language requirement
  • Applicants, who have the full time Bachelor and/or Master degrees abroad and whose study language is English, shall be exempted from providing foreign language certificates.
  • Valid English certificates TOEFL iBT 45 and above or IELTS 5.0 and above delivered by an certified international and Vietnamese examination organization within 2 years (24 months) counting from the application date.
5. Others conditions
  • Having a cleat personal history, not exposed to penal liability;
  • Having good health for the study;
  • Having at least 2 recommendation letters from 2 scientists having the specialty similar as the specialty of applicant. This person must have at least 6 months of working with the applicant.

Scholarship and Fellowship

Beside the financial support agreed with the supervisor (if any), the PhD student who meet one of the following criteria may be considered for the scholarship by the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi:

- Having graduated from Bachelor and Master Programs with very good level and upwards;
- Having done scientific publications (on domestic or international journals) or achieving the scientific research awards at a provincial or a national level;

The scholarship will be equivalent to 25% to 100 % of tuition fee, depending on the evaluation of each student.
Students who are classified on the below group will be considered to be support a part of his/her living cost during the study time at USTH :
- Being officers from ethnic minorities, remote areas
- People with particularly difficult circumstances.
All information on the Scholarship are available on the website of USTH at:

Application dossier
Applicants have to submit 01 dossier in English to the UTSH Doctoral Admission Committee, USTH Doctoral School, University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH).
Address: Room 804, USTH Building, VAST, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi

English dossier :
  • Application form in English as in the template provided by USTH;
  • Valid copies of degrees, certificates, transcripts of Bachelor and Master Levels. In case these papers are provided by a foreign university, the applicants should include the provisions to evaluate the study result of that university*;
  • Valid copies of the foreign language certificates as regulated;
  • Applicant’s letter presenting his/her desire (motivation Letter);
  • Most updated resume in English (CV) presenting clearly the study process and achievements, professional experience or those of student activities;
  • Letters of scientific guidance acceptance from supervisors and co-supervisors;
  • Letters of recommendation from two Vietnamese or foreign professors on the applicants’ professional capacity;
  • Summary of the research topic (Maximum of 10 A4 pages)
  • List of publications on National and International Magazines (if any)
  • Awards, prizes (if any)
  • Application to the USTH excellence Scholarship.

* Applicants having completed their master programs but not yet received their diploma or official academic transcript can submit a provisional letter of graduation confirmation or academic transcript (valid copies and thier translation in English). Successful candidates will be required to fulfill all those documents to be officially accepted.

Applications dossiers can be dowloaded at this adress:

Time and place of dossier submission

Reception of the application dossier from May 22th, 2017 to July 31st, 2017

Pre-selection of dossier: August 2017

Admission jury: August 2017

Publication of the result: September 2017

Admission fee and Tuition fee

The tuition fee will be paid by semester according to the regulation of the USTH DoS committee.

Admission fee / candidate (non refundable in all case) : 500.000 VND/ candidate.


Format and sending of dossiers

Please find the documents here 

All the documents must be presented on A4 paper in portrait orientation. The original dossier must be kept in a separated bag of 25 cm x 34 cm. Outer cover of the bag should be sealed as in the USTH template and the list of documents, the address, numbers of telephone and mobile phone, e-mail frequently used and fax (if any) of the applicants should be presented clearly there.

Applicants need to scan the above dossiers in English into PDF file only and not exceeding 6MB, send by email to the following address:

Entitled: Admission.PhD <NAME OF DEPARTMENT><FULL NAME>.

Further information on the details of the program can be found in both English and Vietnamese via USTH website at or directly contact:

Application location: USTH Doctoral Admission Room 804, Training and Services Building, 18 Hoang Quoc Vietnam, Cau Giay, Hanoi. Tel: +84-4 32 19 13 61. ; Website:

Dossier and recruitment and interview fee are non-refundable under any circumstances

For any further question, please contact us:

Admission board – USTH Doctoral School

University of Science and Technology of Hanoi

R. 804, 8th floor, Education and Service Building, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Tel : 024 37 91 72 01/ 024 32 19 13 61

Email :