Admission Call for Bachelor Programs of Academic Year 2022- 2023 (Code: KCN)

University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) also called Vietnam France University is an advanced-model international public university established under the Intergovernmental Agreement between Vietnam and France on November 12, 2009 by Decision No. 2067/QĐ-TTg dated December 9, 2009, of the Prime Minister. 
USTH follows the European Bologna Process with LMD system: Bachelor (3 years, 180 ECTS), Master (2 years, 120 ECTS), PhD (3 years). USTH’s teaching methods are based on a high level of practice in modern laboratories, and close linkage with industry through internships in Vietnam and other countries. The pedagogic teams of USTH are 100% composed of international and Vietnamese Professors and Doctors with international teaching experience. The official language used in teaching and learning at USTH is English.
Besides, USTH offers 4-year training programs (a one-year English preparatory program, 3-year training program) for the admitted students that have a good academic background but limited English skills.
From 2022, USTH cooperates with French universities to open double degree training programs in Biotechnology – Drug discovery; Information Technology and Communication; Chemistry. Students will study the first two years at USTH and have a chance to study the third year in a French institution. Upon graduation, students will be granted two Bachelor's degrees, one by USTH and one by a French Institution.

  1. Enrollment target

USTH (code as the system of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET): KCN) will recruit 850 students for the academic year 2022-2023.
  1. Training Programs

2.1 USTH’s degree training programs
No. Training Programs Code
1. Biotechnology – Drug discovery 7420201
2. Information Technology and Communication 7480201
3. Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology 7440122
4. Space science and Satellite Technology 7520121
5. Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy. 7520201
6. Applied Environmental Sciences 7440301
7. Food Science and Technology 7540101
8. Medical Science and Technology 7720601
9. Cyber security 7480202
10. Chemistry 7440112
11. Applied Mathematics 7460112
12. Engineering Physics and Electronics 7520401
13. Aeronautical Engineering 7520120
14. Mechatronics Engineering Technology 7510203
15. Data science 7480109
16. Automotive Engineering 7520130

2.2 Double degree training programs
No. Training Programs Code
1. Biotechnology – Drug discovery 7420201
2. Information Technology and Communication 7480201
3. Chemistry 7440122
  1. Eligibility

Vietnamese and international students graduated from high school in 2022 or before 2022, with good academic standings for scientific subjects.
  1. Admission procedures and criteria

Candidates may choose either of the following:
- Direct enrollment: candidates submit the application directly at the website, take the knowledge test(1) and interview(2) with the USTH admission jury.
- Enrollment according to the MOET’s system: candidates are registered under the admission system of the MOET and take the placement test English in USTH(3).

4.1. Entry Requirements (for students who graduated from high schools in Vietnam)
Conditions Wave 1, Wave 2 Wave 3 and according to
the MOET’s system
1. Having final results of Grade 11, 12 with  average(4) academic results of 5 subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics at least 6.50/10
2. High school graduating Attending National Exam(5) with a selection of 3 subjects among these 5 subjects as follows: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English with results equal to or higher than the benchmarks of USTH (MOET’s system) or entrance mark of USTH (Wave 3)
3. Pass knowledge test organized by USTH  
4. Pass admission interview organized by USTH (wave 1, 2, 3)
5. Having an IELTS certificate that achieved a minimum score of 6.0 or a TOEFL iBT certificate with a minimum score of 60 (candidates who registered double degree program)

4.2. Entry Requirements (for students who graduated abroad or studied international programs in Vietnam(6))
1. The application dossier is eligible. (Please refer to the attached appendix for more details)
2. Pass the knowledge test and interview organized by USTH

Remarks: Results of the knowledge test, interview, and English placement test will be informed to the candidates via email and website

(1) The knowledge test will be taken place at USTH with the intention of testing the candidates’ knowledge of natural science subjects. Candidates who passed the test will be invited to attend an interview with the Admission Committee.
(2) For Candidates who registered for double degree training programs, the language interview is English. The others may choose English or Vietnamese for the interview. The interview aims to evaluate academic ability and motivation. Interview method: Online.
(3) After enrollment, matriculated candidates will take an English test which decides their suitable placement.
(4) Average academic results of 5 subjects will be calculated as follows:
admission 2022 2023

(5) For applicants who graduated from 2015 to 2022: besides the condition (1), (3), and (4), they must ensure attendance in the national exam with a selection of 3 subjects among these 5 subjects as follows: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English with results equal to or higher than the benchmarks USTH in that year.
For applicants who graduated before 2014: besides the condition (1), (3), and (4) they must ensure attendance in national University Entrance exams in blocks A, A1, B, and D with results equal to or higher than the benchmarks of USTH in that year.
(6) For students who graduated abroad, please refer to the appendix attached here or contact with Department of Academic Affairs for more detail. 
  1. Admission schedule

  • Direct enrollment by USTH
  • Enrollment according to the MOET’s system: as the MOET’s schedule
Wave Application Period Knowledge Test date Interview Date
1. 21/02/2022 - 08/03/2022 19&20/03/2022 02&03/04/2022
2. 09/05/2022 - 20/05/2022 04&05/06/2022 11&12/06/2022
3. 07/2022** 07/2022 07/2022
* Schedule wave 3 will change according to MOET’s schedule
  1. Application dossier

No. Dossiers submitted Wave 1, Wave 2 Wave 3
How to apply
Access our website: and create an account to submit your application
1. Filling application form Bachelor admission 2022-2023
Filling online in the admission system
2. Motivation letter (in English or Vietnamese with candidates registered USTH’s degree training programs, in English with candidate registered double degree training program)
3. ID card or passport

Scan or take a picture and upload it to the system
4. High school record in grades 10, 11, and 12 *
5. Official Certificate of National Exam result  
6. Copy of high school diploma of temporary graduation certificate **  
7. Copy of receipt of admission fee***
8. Copy of certificate of merits, certificate of foreign languages (English, French), and letter of recommendation (if any)
*For applicants applying for Wave 1, Wave 2 who have not had the record of full 12th grade, please submit the records of Grade 10, 11, and the 1st semester academic result of Grade 12
(If the grading system is different than the 0-10 scale applied in Vietnam, a document by competent authorities explaining the applied grading system is required)
**For applicants who graduated before 2022, besides the above requested dossiers, they need to submit a copy of the certificate on national university entrance exam result in the graduation year
*** Candidates pay admission fees by banking transfer after receiving the email notification of the valid application from USTH
  1. Eligibility for direct admission

- Candidates win prizes in examinations of selecting national, provincial gifted students* (or equivalent) in natural-science subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics, and Geography;
- Candidates win first, second, or third prizes (projects related to natural sciences) in national, regional, and international science and engineering contests (approved by Admission Committee);
- Candidates who summoned to participate in the international Olympic team selection exam; candidates are official members of national team participating in the international contest on subjects of natural sciences, international science, and engineering contest teams (projects related to natural sciences);
- Candidates having final results of Grade 11, and 12 at Excellent rank and average academic results of 5 subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics at Grade 11, and 12 must reach at least 8.80/10 or higher.

Remarks: Eligibility for direct admission only applies to the candidates graduating in 2022
* Geography is only applied for candidates of Space science and Satellite Technology specialty
* Direct admission for Aeronautical Maintenance and Engineering operations program is only applied for students with prizes in Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics.
  1. Scholarships and financial aids

Annually USTH grants scholarship and financial support as state policy and USTH’s regulations, please find more details on the website:
  1. Admission fees and tuition fees

  • Admission service fee:  500,000 VND/candidate, non-refundable in all cases
  • Tentative tuition fee :
Specialty Tuition fee for the academic year 2022-2023
Vietnamese students International students
Aeronautical Maintenance and Engineering Operations 97.860.000 VND
(equivalent 4.200 USD)
140.500.000 VND
(equivalent 6.000 USD)
Others on USTH’ training program 46.600.000 VND
(equivalent 2.000 USD)
69.900.000 VND
(equivalent 3.000 USD)
The double degree training program
(Tentative tuition fee)
69.900.000 VND
(equivalent 3.000 USD)
93.200.000 VND
(equivalent 4.000 USD)
Tuition fee collected every semester (2 semesters/year).
  1. Contact

More information and further details including admission procedures, interview, training programs, tuition fees, can be found in English and Vietnamese at our website or via following contact:
Address: Room 102 - A21 USTH Building, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: 024 77 74 77 48/ 024 77 72 77 48
Hotline: 08 88 55 77 48/ 09 18 23 95 06
Website: /