Mission and Vision

Graduation day


USTH has the mission to train high quality human resources in the field of science and technology, in order to develop research, promote technology transfer, and meet the needs of Vietnam's socio-economic development. At the same time, USTH is constantly striving for training and research towards the goal of becoming an excellent research university in Vietnam and in the region.


  • Becoming an excellent university, attracting Vietnamese and international students with advanced training programs, meeting the needs of social development, closely combining with scientific research activities; building the most ideal academic environment for the young generation who love science; create favourable conditions for students to develop comprehensively, thereby achieving many successes in their future careers.
  • Being a factor to promote Vietnam's development of education, science and technology, tighten and deepen bonds with French partners; also, exerting positive effects on the country's scientific research activities and aiming to become an international-level university.