• Description
Smart Grid is a modernized electrical grid that uses analogue and digital information and communication technology to gather, distribute decentralized energy sources, and act on information about the behaviour of all connected users of the grid. This smart grid will allow improving the efficiency, reliability, economy, and sustainability of electricity services, and its ability to integrate and scale up new renewable energy. In a smart grid, the demand side is not only a customer, but also become actor to participate in the future development of the sector .
In Vietnam, the low voltage power grids (220/380V), which consist of low voltage distribution grids and power supply grids in industrial and building sector, is uneven quality, is non-compliant with technical standards, and has high losses. It is actually not easy to apply common smart grid standard in operation, but it is necessary to give priority to research into micro smart grids in order to eventually improve the current power grid in Vietnam and effectively operate the electricity system. This is the world trend.
  • Team
PI : Benoit DELINCHANT, UJF, Grenoble                                        
Co-PI : NGUYEN Xuan Truong, USTH                                  
DOAN Nhat Quang, USTH                                     
NGUYEN Dinh Quang, IES-VAST                         
DANG Hoang Anh, R&D and TT, HaUI                                   
HA-DUONG Minh, CIRED-CNRS                                                                           
TRAN Hoang Anh, USTH                                                                         
Frédéric WURTZ, CNRS