• Direction
Prof. Michel Lebrun, IRD/UM) and Prof. Do Nang Vinh, AGI, VAAS 
  • Partners
From Vietnam : AGI, USTH, Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Science (VAAS), Plant Protection Research Institute (PPRI), and Plant Resource Center (PRC)
Fom France : UM2, IRD, CNRS, Université de Montpellier, CIRAD, DIADE (UM2/IRD), RPB (IRD/UM2/CIRAD), AGAP (CIRAD, INRA, SupAgro), BPMP (CNRS, INRA, UM2, SupAgro) and BGPI (INRA, CIRAD, SupAgro)
  •  History and Objectives
The International Joint Laboratory « Rice Functional Genomics and Plant Biotechnology » (LMI RICE) was set up in 2011 for a first period of 4 years in the scope of an agreement between different Vietnamese and French partners, and renewed for a period of 4 years starting 2015.
The International Joint Laboratory LMI RICE is conducting research activities on rice functional genomics, the most important crop in Vietnam and in two main axes:
- study of development in regards to abiotic stress resistance and yield, and plant resistance to biotic stresses, by combining genetic diversity studies, association genetics, functional genomics and biotechnology approaches.
- Collect and investigate the genetic diversity studies of the main rice pathogens in SE Asian region (Virus, root knot nematodes, Xanthomonas). These diversity studies aims to better understand the distribution and the mechanisms of evolution and emergence of the main pathogens affecting rice culture. It is an indispensable preliminary step to screen rice for natural resistance, to better understand the key molecular actors involved in the plant/ pathogenic interactions and to design biotechnological strategies to create large spectrum and durable resistances in rice.
Four main projects have been conducted, based particularly on the establishment of an original public genetic resources collection of 188 vietnamese rice lines for rice improvement, in the frame of the response of rice to challenging abiotic and biotic environments:
- identification of genetic determinants of root development in regards to improvement to drought resistance,
- Identification of genetic determinants of panicle development in regards to yield improvement,
- exploring root‐knot nematode diversity in SE Asia and investigation of rice‐nematode interactions,
- engineering rice virus (RRSV et RGSV) resistance by RNAi technology
  • Equipment
The laboratory is fully equipped for all molecular and cellular analysis of plants and microorganisms (molecular analysis, imaging) as well as for growing plants in highly controlled conditions (climatic cabinet, greenhouses).
  • Location
LMI RICE is located on the campus of VAAS.
  • Team
Vietnamese Institutions Researchers
Hoang Thi Giang, AGI
Mai Duc Chung, AGI
Ta Kim Nhung, AGI
Do Nang Vinh, AGI
Le Thi Van Anh, USTH
To Thi Mai Huong, USTH
Phung Nhung Phuong, AGI/ PhD
Nguyen Than Duc, AGI/PhD
Nguyen Le Khanh, ARTS- IRD/PhD
French Institutions Members
Bellafiore Stéphane, IRD
Jouannic Stéphane, IRD
Gantet Pascal, UM
Larmande Pierre, IRD
Lebrun Michel, UM
Malyna Suong, ARTS- IRD/PhD