The 2009 Vietnam and French Intergovernmental Agreement intends to implement new International Joint Research Units to be set up in Hoa Lac new Campus. This implementation matches the parallel recruitment of nearly 150 PhD trained and graduated in France, within scientific topics relevant to the socioeconomic challenges of Vietnam, the scientific fields of the French consortium and of the Vietnamese partners (VAST as well as other institutes from Vietnam).

To achive this specific goal, USTH trains its students to be the modern core human resources of the Research Laboratories and the Technology Competency Centres in Vietnam and abroad, where they can use their knowledge and skills to elaborate on topics related to research, technological creativity, innovation and shift the boundaries of excellence in Vietnam.

Together with the administrative management of these laboratories set up, these challenges are supported by  DRITT by providing a mix of technological contents at the level of undergraduate and postgraduate programs based on collaboration with high technology companies. It is therefore vital to establish long-term partnerships with such companies in order to train future experts and prepare our students for new jobs in Vietnam. These collaborations may take many various forms:  participation or creation in specific training programs, creation of competency centers and technical platforms.

In its move to a higher level of development of USTH, DRITT will gradually transform into a new type of organization: the Centre for Research and Technology Transfer Support, whose aim is to provide lecturers and researchers a high-level support in their daily research activities, such as the formulation of responses to calls for proposals, the acquisition of research methodologies, knowledge and skills on global issues related to research: social and environmental impacts, technology transfer, intellectual property.