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A call for research project was launched early in 2013 in the six departments. A first evaluation of the responses took place in April, not on a scientific basis, but on criteria evaluating the sustainability of the project for USTH: involvement of consortium partners and Vietnamese relatives (including VAST), presence of French researchers, incorporation young doctors, prospects for co-financing. Thirteen concept notes were submitted, nine were selected to present a more detailed project. The scientific assessment was conducted during the summer of 2013 by a panel of international experts (not French nor Vietnamese). Ultimately, six projects were approved for funding in 2013 and two additional projects in 2014.

USTH Projects selected in 2013:

* BIO 1 – LMI Rice ProjectFunctional characterization of rice genetic resources and genetic diversity of rice pathogens in Vietnam

Dept BioPharma, LMI Rice, Agricultural Genetic Institute (Académie des Sciences du Vietnam); Unité Mixte de Recherche Diade – Diversité Adaptation et DEveloppement des plantes – (Montpellier IRD-232).

*) Anthropogenic pressures, reservoirs and emergence risks of infectious diseases in Vietnam: investigation and applications of bioactive molecules

Dept BioPharma; IMBC-VAST; INPC-VAST; NIHE; LEM (Lyon CNRS-5557)

 *) Application of DNA chip technology for the development of diagnostic kits for rapid detection of drug resistant tuberculosis in Southeast Asia

Dept BioPharma; NIHE; MIVEGEC (Montpellier IRD-224); Université de Montpellier 2; CHU Montpellier.

 *) VIETNAMINS : “VIETNAMese INtegrated Study of particle production, transport and fate along the coast of the Red River delta and in the Haiphong estuary associating field data, remote sensing and modeling

Dept WEO; STI-VAST; IMER-VAST; ULCO (LOG CNRS-8187); LEGOS (Toulouse CNES/IRD/CNRS-5566); MIO (Toulon Aix-Marseille IRD/CNRS-7294); IFREMER;

*) WEO 2 – NUCOWS Project: “NUtrient cycles and COntaminants in WaterS in Southeast Asia

Dept WEO; IET-VAST; ICH-VAST; SFRI-VAST; IMPMC (Paris IRD-206);  ECOSYM (Montpellier CNRS/IRD-5119); BIOEMCO (Paris CNRS/IRD-7618); ECOLAB (Toulouse CNRS-5245); EPOC (Bordeaux CNRS-5805)

*) “Design of molecular organic materials and metallic nanoparticles. Applications in environmental and biomedical sensors“.

Dept Nano; IMS-VAST; ITT-VAST;  ITODYS (Paris Diderot UMR 7086); LCMR (Reims CNRS-6229); UMMM (Le Mans CNRS-6283); LCC (Toulouse UPR 8241)

USTH Projects selected in 2014:

*) SWARMS : “Say and Watch: Automated image/sound Recognition to Monitor Swarms of insects”

Dept ICT; IOIT-VAST; Université de La Rochelle; IRD/UMMISCO; Université Montpellier 2; DREAM-CTU/IRD

*) ARCHIVES: “Analysis and Reconstruction of Catastrophes in History within Interactive Virtual Environments and Simulations”

Dept ICT (USTH); IOIT-VAST; Nat. Archive Center; EFEO; VNU-ICARGC; VNU-HUS; IDEES, CNRS 6266, Univ. Rouen; UMMISCO, IRD; IRIT, Univ. Toulouse; VNSC VAST; Institute of Mechanics, VAST

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