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For Research development:

  1. To support the Rectorate board in preparing strategic policy and annual planning of Research (including budget and human resources allocation) in the 6 departments
  2. To implement funding mechanisms and quality assessment of research, in agreement with the USTH strategic policy
  3. To manage the Research budget in strong connexion with the Departments and Research partners: equipments, consumables and human resources.
  4. To promote the USTH Research and Technology activity towards academic and industrial partners.
  5. To foster the creation of International Joint Research laboratories in the 6 departments, in conformity with the intergovernmental agreement France Vietnam.
  6. To implement the UIU Research support centre in order to help researchers to reach scientific excellence and develop leadership capacities.

 For Industry linkage:

  1. To develop the USTH Industry linkage policy and promote industrial partnership.
  2. To design and implement pilot projects on Infrastructure Sharing between USTH, private companies and VN partner institutions (including technological platforms and industrial Chairs)
  3. To design, implement and run the USTH Technology transfer (including incubator, Fab Lab and specific educational programs)
  4. To develop industrial policy and links in the Bachelor, Master and PhD programs (including economic and technological watch, training programs in the Industry sector, participation of Industry experts in USTH programs, development of Junior Businesses and Students associations for Corporate Social Responsibility).

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