General Introduction

There are 6 Master programs at USTH, which are are implemented by USTH and partners from USTH Consortium (  including:

All of the 6 Master programs were evaluated 2nd time by HCERES (The High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education of France) and accredited by French Ministry of Higher Education and Research in Oct 2016. Master programs last 2 years, comprising 4 semesters, S1 and S2 in the first year (M1); S3 and S4 in the second year (M2). The courses are held in English by a team of French and Vietnamese professors. In order to support students to follows their courses in English, admitted students will be invited to attend intensive English preparatory course of two months to improve their English level.

While S1 and S3 concentrate on both general and specialized subjects, S2 and S4 are completely devoted to lab exercises at a higher educational or corporate level. This will also provide the opportunity for good students to do their internship in France, Vietnam or other oversea laboratories. 

Ref Master Programs Majors
 Master in Advanced Materials Science and  Nanotechnology (AMSN)
 Nanophys track
 Nanochem track
2  Master in Biotechnology Pharmacology (BP)   
  Agronomical Biotechnology
3  Master in Water- Environment- Oceanography (WEO)  
 Water supply & Waste water treatment  (W3) 
 Natural waters & Environmental quality  (NEWS)
 Hydrology & Oceanography (H & O)
 4  Master in Information and Communication  Technology (ICT)
 Embedded systems
 Environmental Decision Support  Systems
5  Master in Space and Aeronautics (SA)  
 Space Sciences

 Satelllite technologies
6  Master in Energy (ENG)  
 Green Electricity
 Master in Quantitative Computational Finance (QCF)

Please find more information below:
The official decree on 12 Oct 2016

The official bulletin No.41 on 10 Nov 2016  French Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Bulletin of French Ministry of Higher Education and Research: 

HCERES List of International evaluations (Consortium université des sciences et des technologies de Hanoï - USTH):