Training program

Thursday - 06/10/2016 22:11

The WEO training program mainly focus on environmental issues related to waters from different resources (i.e. groundwater and surface continental waters, coastal and marine waters, polluted waters), risk assessment (concerning drinking water, sanitation, public health, eco-toxicology, floods, etc), water uses management (i.e. waters for domestic, agricultural, industrial, coastal purposes...), or pollution treatment (i.e. water, wastewater, irrigation, distribution…).
Within the first semester, a solid and transversal education is delivered to all students regardless of their specialty. It includes analytical chemistry, biology, ecology, fluid mechanics, hydrology, hydrogeology, modeling, economics, project management and international regulations. This training program aims to provide students methodologies for problem solving and reasoning while encouraging their initiative and creative thoughts in the fields of ecosystem protection, coastal and inland water resources management, and polluted water treatment technologies.
After the first semester, three following specialties are optional for student:

  • Water supply & Waste water treatment (W3)
  • Natural waters & Environmental quality (NEWS)
  • Hydrology & Oceanography (H & O)

More detailed information on syllabus of each specialty could be referred here