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Master in Water, Environment, Oceanography


In responding to the huge demand of human resources in finding technological solutions for drinking water and waste water treatment as well as for climate change adaptation in Vietnam, the Master program “Water-Environment-Oceanography”, one of six priorities in USTH training program, has been created since November 2009. Accompanying a solid scientific training, the WEO master program will focus on studying the advanced technologies, which are currently unpopular or untaught in Vietnam, both in the field of water treatment (supply water, wastewater) and natural aquatic environments (modeling, remote sensing, and environmental engineering). Besides, with all the lessons are taught in English, main objective of this program is to train future leaders in the field of water science, who are capable to work for industries, consulting firms and government agencies (concerning water services, flood and environmental disaster prevention, natural resources management and land use).


With the aim at diversifying the human resources, ensuring to provide our students a diversified background, both in academic and scientific research, the WEO Department has established a skilled lecturer team, including:

1. Invited lecturers: mainly professors, assistant professors and researchers coming from French and Vietnamese well-known institutes in the field of water sciences and oceanography.
List of invited lecturers could be referred at: Annexe – CV USTH-WEO teachers – updated

2. Permanent lecturers: doctors, whose specialties were well-trained from abroad, are ready to accompany students during their studies, scientific research activities as well as to approach the actual working environment at enterprises.
List of permanent lecturers could be referred at: CV permanent lecturers 2015


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Dr. Marine Herrmann
Director of Department


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Prof.  Sylvain Ouillon
Responsible for Master


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Assoc. Prof.  Nguyen Thi Hue
Co-Director of Department

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MANguyen Thi Hong Lien
Department Assistant



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MA. Trinh Bich Ngoc
Laboratory Assistant

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Dr. Nguyen Nguyet Minh



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Dr. Mai Huong

  • Major  : Eco-toxicology
  • Subject: Natural waters & environmental quality
  • Email   :


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Dr. Le Phuong Thu



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Dr. Dao Thanh Duong

clip image004

Dr. Bùi Văn Hợi

With orientation not only on teaching but also on research activities, the Department of “Water- Environment- Oceanography” has established many close relationships with both foreign and local partners including:

* French partners
– Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement
– Université Paul-Sabatier, Toulouse
– Université de Poitiers
– Université de Bordeaux 1
– Université Montpellier 2
– Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse
– Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (INPT)
– Ecole National du Génie EES, Strasbourg
– Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes
– Université de La Rochelle
– Université de Limoges
– Université Paris 11
– Université Paris 7
– Université de Brest
– Université Lyon 1
– Université Aix-Marseille
– Université Joseph-Fourier, Grenoble

* Vietnamese partners
– Institute of environmental technology (IET), VAST, Hanoi
– University of Science, (HUS-VNU)
– Hanoi University of water resources (WRU), MARD
– Institute of meteorology & Environment (IMHE, MONRE)
– Institute of chemistry, VAST
– Institute of Marine Environment Resources (IMER), VAST
– Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography (NIO), VAST
– Space technology Institute (STI), VAST
– Institute of natural products chemistry (INPC), VAST
– Institute of Geography, VAST
– Nha Trang University


The WEO training program mainly focus on environmental issues related to waters from different resources (i.e. groundwater and surface continental waters, coastal and marine waters, polluted waters), risk assessment (concerning drinking water, sanitation, public health, eco-toxicology, floods, etc), water uses management (i.e. waters for domestic, agricultural, industrial, coastal purposes…), or pollution treatment (i.e. water, wastewater, irrigation, distribution…).

Within the first semester, asolid and transversal education is delivered to all students regardless of their specialty. It includes analytical chemistry, biology, ecology, fluid mechanics, hydrology, hydrogeology, modeling, economics, project management and international regulations. This training program aims to provide students methodologies for problem solving and reasoning while encouraging their initiative and creative thoughts in the fields of ecosystem protection, coastal and inland water resources management, and polluted water treatment technologies.

  • Water supply & Waste water treatment (W3)
  • Natural waters & Environmental quality (NEWS)
  • Hydrology & Oceanography (HO)

More detailed information on syllabus of each specialty could be referred here!
More detailed information on syllabus of M2, academic year 2016-2017 could be referred here!


* Teaching & Research activities
The Department of Water- Environment- Oceanography focuses on two research fields including: (1) “Water treatment” in connection with treatment technologies; and (2) “Oceanography, hydrology” in association with Earth sciences.


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Exchanges between Directors & Students of WEO Department

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Some typical teaching & study activities at WEO Department

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Study & research activities of WEO students

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Study & research activities of WEO students

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Study & research activities of WEO students

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Fieldtrip of WEO students (Lào, 2014)

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Extracurricular activities of WEO students

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Hoạt động vui chơi ngoại khóa sinh viên Khoa WEO


Vietnamese and foreign candidates, who used to graduate or are going to graduate from University within the year of enrolment, are able to register if the following criteria are fulfilled :
– Owing background in the related fields.
– Good English proficiency.


For further questions or information, please kindly contact:
Ms. Nguyễn Thị Hồng Liên
Academic assistant of Department of Water- Environment- Oceanography

Address: Service and Education Blg, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet Str, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84-4 37 91 77 47| Email: