Traning Program


Education program 1

Education program 2

Semester 1: Major TUs, compulsory for all students

Code Subject Content
MTU 1.1 Software Engineering Present major concepts used in software engineering (requirements, specification, modeling, patterns, architecture, design, testing).
MTU 1.2 Advanced Databases Database, Object database, Semi-structured databases.
MTU 1.3 Architecture, Operating system, Network Present the low layers concepts that will be used in the different options of the Master (architecture of today's computers, concepts of contemporary operating systems such as Linux and networking infrastructures).
MTU 1.4 Mathematical and formal fundamentals for computer sciences Provide students with a clear understanding of some advanced methods in numerical analysis as well as in stochastic calculus.
MTU 1.5 TU1.5.a-Simulation tool, Catia Simulation for multiple behaviors…(Mechanical, Logical, Electrical, Mechatronics).
  TU1.5b-Strengthen Software Development Provide to students a systematic approach to the production of software that takes into account practical cost, schedule, and dependability issues, as well as the needs of software customenrs and producers.
MTU 1.6 Transversal courses (Management Science, English, French) Common for all Master students.

Semester 2: Major TUs, compulsory for all students

Code Subject Content
MTU 2.1 Signal processing A prerequisite course many multimedia related courses. Examples include speech processing, image processing, pattern recognition, and so on
MTU 2.2 Environmental data acquisition Provide students with detailed insights into the computer techniques involved in environmental sensing and monitoring
MTU 2.3 M1 Internship Minimum duration : 10 weeks

Semester 2: Minor TUs, to be chosen 2 TUs

Code Subject Content
mTU 2.1 Multimedia representation and compression Introduce the main concepts of multimedia representation, coding, and compression for image, video, and text documents
mTU 2.2 Image processing Provide students with a general overview of image processing methods and possible industrial applications
mTU 2.3 Spatial Databases and Decision Support Systems Provide to the student both the theoretical knowledge and the technical competences in the field of spatial databases and to accomplish the fundamental functions of a Decision Support System
mTU 2.4 Data mining Provide the student with a solid comprehension both theoretical and practical of the fundamental process of algorithms used in Data Mining and Data Analysis.
mTU 2.5 Digital system design Study the basic concepts and techniques for the design of computer architectures
mTU 2.6 Real time system network Introduce the main concepts of distributed real-time systems