Friday - 21/10/2016 12:50

All the countries, especially fast developing countries, are facing a difficult challenge due to their energy needs to sustain their economical and industrial growth. On the other hand, sustainable development would depend on a shift to green energy. For these reasons the Vietnamese and French government decided two years ago that a master degree on Energy will be proposed by the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi.

This offer is unique in Vietnam in the sense that this two years master divided in 4 semesters will give to our students an overview of the main renewable energy technologies: wind power, hydroelectricity, solar energy, bio resources and others. The teaching units are organized in such a way that following the master degree will give to our students a real choice for their future professional career: preparation of a PhD degree in the best French or Vietnamese laboratory or to get a position in the companies working in this field, indeed the teaching program is built on the bases of the industrial needs and some lectures or conferences will be given by engineers from these companies.