Biotechnology including drug development, biomedicine and plant improvement is a sustainable technology based on renewable biological resources, biodiversity and knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of life. It is thus expected to contribute massively to the global economy and is set to make an indelible contribution to human health and crop improvement and welfare well into the foreseeable future.

Pharmacology, link between health sciences and chemical sciences, represents a fundamental approach for research in health care products. This concerns the development of new drugs and new dosage forms, using natural resources, hemi synthesis and synthesis compounds; this target is an important challenge for the next years in health care.

Specialities: Biomedicine, Plant biotechnology, Drug development

  • Timetable: from Monday to Saturday
  • Location: at USTH
  • Full time

Advantages of the training program

  • International Master Double-diploma delivered by French Universities and USTH
  • Advanced teaching methods via laboratory works and practical courses
  • Lectures delivered in English by professors from French leading universities
  • Professional experience through nine-month internship abroad
  • High possibility to get full scholarship and fellowship from USTH
  • High possibility to get full scholarship for internship in France
  • High possibility to apply for French PhD scholarship for best USTH students
  • Excellent openings for work in Vietnam and abroad after graduation

Job opportunities

Graduated students will have chances to keep studying in PhD level or will be able to work in Vietnamese or abroad research institutes, non-governmental organisations or companies that working in the biotechnology field involved in Agronomical Techonology, Medical Technology and Pharmacological Technology such as: UNICEF, OUCRU...


Internship would be in France and different countries in the world abroad both in a research laboratory and in industry

Interview Fee and Tuition Fee

  • Interview fee: 100,000 VND/candidate, non-refundable in any cases (not applied for foreign resident students);
  • Students holding Vietnamese passports: 43,000,000 VND (equivalent to USD 1.900)/year, collectible every semester, unchanged throughout the whole course;
  • Students coming from other countries: 90,000,000 VND (equivalent to USD 4.000)/year;
  • Students coming from French Consortium universities: free of charge;
  • Tuition fee for intensive English course: free of charge.

Scholarship & Felowship

  • Since USTH is highly supported and sponsored by external donors (Asian Development Bank and Agribank) in addition to its own high-level state budget and industrial foundation, many candidates can access to our scholarship and fellowship program.
  • Merit-based scholarships and/or need-based fellowships cover up to 100% tuition fees and living expenses. Application process, dossier examination, interview are after enrolment.