Bachelor in Pharmacological, Medical and Agronomical Biotechnology (PMAB)

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Continuing to flourish nationwide, the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Agronomical Biotechnology industry keeps growing firmly. Career possibilities are endless in the rapidly-expanding discipline of Biotechnology, Medicine, Agriculture and Pharmacology.
To keep up with these increasing opportunities, the University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) had been designed with the modern and advanced Bachelor Curricula in Pharmaceutical, Medical and Agronomical Biotechnology (PMAB) with more than 30 majored courses in 2 specialized educated years.
Our PMAB program aims at controlling a set of concepts, principles and methods of science related to Pharmaceutical, Medical and Agronomical Biotechnology. The PMAB designed program enables students to acquire the best knowledge, skills in all fields of pharmaceutical, medical and agronomical Biotechnology supporting your employed competition in a market highly exigent.



The PMAB curriculum equips a solid foundation in chemistry, biology, biotechnology, informatics and communication. The program also builds a core of knowledge on biological sciences (Integrated physiology, Fundamental and advanced microbiology, Stem cell biology, Molecular biology etc.) as well as provides all basic laboratory working skills. The other PMAB advanced courses aim to master techniques and knowledge in engineered and applied biotechnology. To complete and open their background in biotechnological science, students will complete a “group project”, realise a 3 months internship and will participate to elective courses.
Year     Name of course ECTS
B2 Semester 3 Management sciences Law on Intellectual Right 1
Project Management 1
French French 8
Core courses Organic Chemistry 3
Bioanalytical Chemistry 3
Integrated Physiology part I (Animal) 3
Integrated Physiology part II (Plant) 3
Biochemistry 4
Basic and Advanced Molecular Biology 4
Semester 4 Core courses Bioinformatics 3
Biostatistics 3
Introduction to Plant Cell Biotechnology 3
Introduction to Animal Cell Biotechnology 3
Fundamental and Applied Microbiology 4
Principles of Immunology 4
Introduction to Enzymology 4
Selective courses (choose 2 of 5 courses) Developmental Biology 3
Frontiers in Marine Biology 3
Virology 3
Principles of Drug Development 3
Plant Genetics and Breedings 3
B3 Semester 5 Management Sciences Scientific Writing 2
French French 7
Core courses Introduction to Biopharmaceutical Science 3
Basic Pharmacology 4
Basic Pharmaceutics 4
Introduction to Stem Cell 4
Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry 3
Introduction to Medical Biotechnology 3
Semester 6 Core courses Protein Engineering 4
Introduction to Food Biotechnology 4
Introduction to Agroecology 3
Plant Metabolic Engineering 3
Selective courses (choose 2 of 4 courses) Basics on Phytomedicine and Natural Product Drugs 2
Fermentation Technology 2
Introduction to Neuron Science 2
Pathogenic Microbiology 2
Plant Microorganism 2



The PMAB Program outcomes include the ABET outcomes as well as the program-specific outcomes.  These outcomes obtained from each course of our curriculum and are all listed here:
  1. ability to apply knowledge in mathematics, science, and engineering;
  2. ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data in environmental sciences;
  3. ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs;
  4. ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams;
  5. ability to identify, formulate, and solve research and engineering problems;
  6. understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities;
  7. ability to communicate effectively in professional and social environments;
  8. understanding the impact of research and engineering solutions in a global and societal context;
  9. recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning (e.g. commitment to critical inquiry, development of study and information-processing skills, a willingness to experiment with new ideas and practices);
  10. knowledge of environmental contemporary issues such as climate change, pollution of water, soil, air;
  11. ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern research and engineering tools necessary for research and engineering practice.
The levels of learning linked to the outcomes are based on the following:
  • Level 1: Remember, awareness
  • Level 2: Understand
  • Level 3: Apply
  • Level 4: Design, analyze, create, evaluate



4.1 Hiher studies and research careers
This Bachelor’s degree will entitle you to enroll the “Master in Pharmaceutical, Medical and Agronomical Biotechnology” at USTH or any of the master’s degree courses offered in biotechnological sciences. The Master program will provide students with in-depth knowledge of the specialized subjects. This will lead you to various higher studies and research careers in related fields such as food biotech, stem cell research and application, microbiological research and application, animal/plant cell biotechnology and application, medical research, drug discovery and development etc. In addition, we offer many opportunities for internships or higher studies in more than 60 universities and research institutions in France. Graduates will have a great chance to become advisors, lecturers or researchers at any universities or academic institutions.
4.2 Business and industrial careers
The career potential for graduates of PMAB program is promising. Graduates would be ideal candidates for jobs in most organizations where a major emphasis is in biotechnological, pharmaceutical and agronomical aspects that will be more and more critical. With a strong scientific background associated with practical classes and applied techniques in biotechnological sciences, USTH students will be able to take up entry-level job positions in biotechnological, pharmaceutical business, NGOs and industries.



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