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The Bachelor at USTH is applying the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) as in most of European countries, with the study program corresponds to 180 Credits in 3 years (60 Credits/year).

All Vietnamese and International lecturers are recruited by a very selective jury, based on their pedagogic skill and scientific knowledge. These two critical factors play a vital role in education and training, especially in an international, highly interactive and innovative learning environment of USTH.

Our teaching methods require student self-sufficiency, initiative, teamwork, lab-work skill and a long internship in the industry or institution.

Starting with a foundation year for all students, the teaching program progressively orients the student from the basic of natural sciences towards 9 different training fields in the second and third year.
  • A 200-hour English course at the very beginning is to equip first-year students with basic English, ready for scientific courses later.
  • By applying an innovative program, the foundation year equips USTH students with the skills to be successful in any university setting. In addition to scientific subjects (i.e. Chemistry, Physics, Biology, IT and Mathematics), Management Sciences and English are taught to develop students’ communication and interpersonal skills and ability to work in groups, developing practical skills essential for working not only in research, but also in today’s business.
  • The enormous knowledge provided in the first year will help students make a smooth transition into any particular training field later on.
The 09 training fields proposed at USTH are:
  1. Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology
  2. Aeronautics
  3. Energy
  4. Food Science and Technology
  5. Information and Communication Technology
  6. Medical Science and Technology
  7. Pharmacological, Medical and Agronomical Biotechnology
  8. Space and Applications
  9. Water – Environment – Oceanography

These thematic topics have been chosen by the French and Vietnamese ministers to address the needs of the development of Vietnam. The originality of the USTH as a New Model University for Vietnam relies on the strong connection between the USTH and the industrial partners in Vietnam. Indeed, USTH offers not only strong traditional skills but also high levels of creativity and innovation in order to stay competitive for the Vietnamese and International market. After three years, the students leaving the USTH with a bachelor degree will be highly valuated in Vietnam industry. In addition, graduates will have a great opportunity to enroll our Master’s degree programs that are accredited by both France and Vietnam.

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