Bachelor of Food Science and Technology (FST)

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Food Science and Technology (FST) is highly in demand in agriculture, light industry and health care sectors in Vietnam. The recent statistics alarmingly show that hundreds of industrial zones in 5 big cities and 58 provinces need several thousands of relevant technologists per year.
The establishment of the FST Program (at bachelor now, and master degree later) at USTH will contribute to fill this gap in human resources demanded in term of high-qualified food scientists and technologists. The program will provide scientific knowledge and practical skills in relevant fundamental sciences and processing technologies in order to develop modern procedures, specific application for Vietnamese agricultural products as well as to control food quality and safety.
FST program in USTH is a modern academic curriculum with courses’ content includes cutting-edge food technologies. A program specifically designed and well adapted for value-adding technologies of Vietnamese agricultural products. Various practical courses to sharpen students’ skills in order to work in all areas of the food industry.


  • The Food Science and Technology program offers undergraduates three options:
    • Food processing technology
    • Food safety and quality
    • Food innovation management
  • Each option leads to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Science and Technology. All options require that a student complete a "core curriculum", consisting of courses in food science and technology. In addition, each option features a group of additional/optional courses that provide greater specificity in the student’s chosen area.


The FST Program outcomes include the ABET outcomes as well as the program-specific outcomes.  These outcomes obtained from each course of our curriculum and are all listed here:
a. An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering 
b. An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data 
c. An ability to design, formulate a system, components in the real food processing to meet desired needs within realistic constraints
d. An ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams 
e. An ability to identify and solve problem in the real situation such as food processing, food quality controlling.
f. An ability to communicate effectively 
g. An ability to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context 
h. An understanding of the obligations to develop the food processing and to control the food quality in Viet Nam and all over the world
i. An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility 


Graduates can pursuit professional jobs or continue to the master program at USTH or at any of Graduates’ degree courses offered in the Food Science and Technology fields.
In addition, we offer a panel of opportunities for internship of higher studies in universities and institutions in France. Students will have a great chance to become scientific advisors, consultants, lecturers or researchers at one of partners’ establishments.
Career path opportunities with FST program degree include entry-level technical positions in the food industry. A graduate food science degree prepares students for successful careers with a food industry, research, or manufacturing company in the public, corporate, or government sector. Food science graduates are leaders in food production and processing, quality assurance and control, technical representation in the sale and marketing of foods, food product development, food science research, and regulation and enforcement of food laws.



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