Bachelor in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

24/10/2016 Quang Doan Nhat


The ICT formation in USTH prepares graduates for careers in the fields of Software Engineering and Computer Science. It focuses on applied research and emerging technologies. The ICT program equips students with the fundamental understanding of computing and system administration, then the professional knowledge of information systems, advance databases and eventually management of projects.


After the graduation, ICT students process a solid foundation in mathematics, informatics, software engineering and communication. They also have a core knowledge of computer science for higher education. Additionally, students can specialize in particular areas such as mobile and web development, security and system, data mining.

Besides the formation aims to train them capable of working effectively in multidisciplinary teams and in an international environment; taking appropriate position in industry upon graduation and growing into leadership position, and also pursuing scientific research or higher education.


The range of occupational ICT pathway continues to expand as ICT technology penetrates more and more aspects of daily life. Moreover, other science technologies currently requires ICT as the tool for development. Common areas of work for ICT graduates include software engineering and programming for web and mobile platforms; systems analysis and administration; multimedia development and processing.

Employment opportunities for ICT graduates are very strong due to the high demand in the industrial sector. The ICT industry did not succumb to the effects of the recent Global Financial Crisis as compared with many other sectors. Furthermore, many ICT start-up projects in Vietnam have been received strong support and large investments from government or national and international companies. 

Besides the possibility of finding a job after graduation, ICT students have enough competences to pursue higher education in Vietnamese university or go aboard to study in high quality international universities. The specialization on Computer Science in the ICT pathway gives the core based on which students can grow into specialized researchers.