• Title: PLM Discover on CATIA V6.
  • Time: 30 hours.
  • Objectives: This course will teach you how to design parts using feature-based, functional modeling and parametric techniques and how to create a simple assembly, simulate a mechanism, generate a simple detail drawing and define a manufacturing process. You will discover an extended simulation with  the System engineering Workshop
  • Contents:
    • Module 1: Connect to V6 & database and Manage PLM Data                     
    • Module 2: Design parts (3h)
    • Module 3  Assembly Design (3h)        
    • Module 4  Create kinematics simulation (3h)  
    • Module 5  Simulate a mechanical stress by finite elements (3h)
    • Module 6  Perform the 2D Drawing of a 3D Part and 3D assembly (3h)
    • Module 7  Define a Manufacturing process (3h)
    • Module 8  To work on surfaces (3h)
    • Module 9  To collaborate on a project, Print a 3D component (3h)
    • Module 10  To  dimension in 3D with  Tolerance  & Annotation (3h)
  • Title: Fundamentals on CATIA V6
  • Time: 36h (10 days)
  • Objectives: This course will teach you the use of the best practices in the fundamentals modules of CATIA V6 : Part Design, Assembly, Kinematics, Parametric Design and Knowledge and a project of application to satellite design.
  • Contents: 
    • Module 1: Part Design Advance
      • Advanced functions and features; Boolean operations, Sketch analysis,  Tree   of specifications analysis and modifications management
      • 6 hours
    • Module 2: Assembly advanced
      • Design in context; Assembly rules; Use of functional Skeleton; Assembly   analysis  (Static Clash) and simulation
      • 9 hours
    • Module 3: Kinematic simulation
      • Theory of mechanisms; Use of kinematics diagrams; Degree of   Freedom; Commands; Dynamic clash analysis; Position, Speed   and acceleration  Analysis.
      • 3 hours
    • Module 4: Surface Design
      • Use Tools inside Generative Shape Design Workbench to design some Industrial Parts.
      • 6 hours.
    • Module 5: Parametric Design and Knowledge
      • How to Use Knowledge Advisor (Parameters, Formulas, Relation (Rule, Check, Design tables))
      • 6 hours
    • Mini Project:
      • Design and manufacture Solar Car from Lego Part and 3D Printer
      • 20 hours
  • Title: Fundamentals on CATIA V6
  • Time: 36h (10 days)
  • Objectives: This course aims to provide the basic knowledge and understanding of the composite design utilized in the engineering material and aerospace structures. Use Abaqus/CAE to create complete finite element models. Solve structural analysis problems including the effects of material nonlinearity.
  • Contents:
    • Module 1: Knowledge  
      • Powerful tools to add in your design your technical skills. Knowledge optimization, Knowledge Template.
      • 6 hours
    • Module 2: Stress analysis     
      • Static Analysis,Thermal analysisú
      • 12 hours
    • Module 3: Catia Systems & RFLP 
      • With Catia Systems, any kind of behavior can be simulate:Mechanical, Logical, Mechatronics, Hydraulics, Electronics. The software  use the Modelica language with an integrated complete library ..
      • 12 hours.
    • Project: Solar tracking system