List of memorandum of understanding


No Singed date Between Signed by  Terms
1 5/13/2011 USTH Danang University
 of Technology 
  Prof. Pierre Sebban A.Prof Le Kim Hung   4 years -
automatically extended another 4 years
2 7/20/2011 USTH Institute of Information
Telecommunications JSC
Prof. Pierre Sebban Prof. Thai Quang Vinh Le Quang Hoa 5 years
3 7/26/2011 USTH FPT University   Prof. Pierre Sebban Dr. Le Truong Tung   5 years
4 9/13/2011 USTH STMicroelectronics
Asia Pac Pte Ltd
  Prof. Pierre Sebban Lee Lay Sin   Till replaced
5 1/30/2012 USTH Hanoi University of Pharmacy   Prof. Pierre Sebban Prof. Le Viet Hung   5 years
6 2/6/2012 USTH University of Medicine
and Pharmacy HCMC
  Prof. Pierre Sebban Prof. Le Quan Nghiem   5 years
7 5/4/2012 USTH Universite Paris Sud   Prof. Pierre Sebban Prof. Guy Couarraze   1 ans
8 6/1/2012 USTH Electric Power University   Prof. Pierre Sebban Prof.Dr Dam Xuan Hiep   2 years
9 6/6/2012 USTH Institute of Materials Science   Prof. Pierre Sebban Prof.Nguyen Quang Liem    
10 7/31/2012 USTH Vietnam National
 Satellite Center
  Prof. Pierre Sebban Prof. Dr. Pham Anh Tuan   5 years
11 8/14/2012 USTH Ministry of education
and sports of Lao PDR
  Prof. Pierre Sebban Dr. Phonephet Boupha    
12 5/23/2013 USTH Institut de Recherche
pour le Développement
Université de
la Rochelle
Prof. Pierre Sebban Prof. Michel Laurent
Prof. Gérard Blanchard
  5 years
13 3/1/2014 USTH Vietnam National
Satellite Center
  Prof.Pierre Sebban A.Prof. Dr. Pham Anh Tuan   30 months
14 7/21/2014 USTH Tay Nguyen University   Prof. Pierre Sebban Dr. Nguyen Tan Vui   2 years -
automatically extended for 2 years
15 10/6/2014 USTH Ecole Nationale du
Génie de l'Eau et de l'Environnement
  Prof. Le Tran Binh Jean-François Quere   5 years
16 4/2/2015 USTH Nha Trang University    Prof. Le Tran Binh A. Prof Trang Sy Trung   3 years
17 7/9/2015 USTH Cirad   Prof. Patrick Boiron Dr. François-Xavier COTE   3 years
18 9/15/2015 USTH University of Lausanne   Prof. Patrick Boiron Prof.Dominique Arlettaz   5 years
19 9/24/2015 USTH International Center
for Materials Nanoachitectonics
  Prof. Patrick Boiron Prof. Masakazu Aono   5 years
20 9/28/2015 USTH National Institute of
 Hygiene and Epidemiology
  Prof. Patrick Boiron Prof. Dang Duc Anh   2 years
21 ########## USTH Le Centre National
d'Etudes Spatiales
  Prof. Patrick Boiron Jean-Yves Le Gall   3 years
22 1/6/2016 USTH Université Paris 13   Prof. Patrick Boiron Jean-Loup Salzmann   4 years
23 2/11/2016 USTH Ecole Nationale des
Sciences du Traitement de l'information
  Prof. Patrick Boiron Prof. Nesim Fintz   5 years
24 4/7/2016 USTH Cirad Hanoi University
 of Science and Technology
Prof. Patrick Boiron Dr. Michel Eddi A.Prof. Hoang Minh Son 5 years
25 4/8/2016 USTH Vietnam Airlines JSC   Prof. Patrick Boiron Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Trong   5 years
26 4/27/2016 USTH Collecte Localisation
  Prof. Patrick Boiron Mr. Antoine Monsaingeon   2 years
27 6/15/2016 USTH University of Science and
 Technology of
Hanoi Consortium
  Prof. Patrick Boiron Prof. Bernard Legube