Tuition $ Fees


Admission Fee and Tuition Fee
Interview fee: 100,000 VND/candidate, non-refundable in all cases.
Tuition fee for students holding Vietnamese passports: 19.980.000 VND/ semester, exclusive of the registration fee at the institution in France, collectible every semester, unchanged throughout the whole course.

Students coming from other countries: 44.400.000 VND/ semester

Tuition fee for intensive English course: free of charge

Scholarship and Fellowship
Since USTH is highly supported and sponsored by external funding (Asian Development Bank and Agribank) in addition to its own high-level state budget and industrial foundation, many candidates can access to our scholarship and fellowship program.

Merit – based scholarships and/or need-based fellowships (covering up to 100% tuition fees and living expenses) can be applied for during the application process; evaluated during dossier examination, and interviewed and decided after enrolment.

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