Why choose USTH

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  1. A new model public university developed by France and Vietnam which will have a headcount of some 8,000 students by 2020.
  2. A university of international standard contributing to the development of Vietnam (aiming to be ranked as one of the world’s best universities by 2030).
  3. Our university is teaching and research-oriented, enhanced by a strong connection with leading companies in Vietnam.
  4. USTH delivers degrees according to the so-called Bologna Process used throughout Europe: Licence (Bachelor) (3 years), Master (5 years), PhD (8 years). This allows a strong mobility of our students anywhere in the world.
  5. The fees for registration in the USTH are low for such a university delivering international degrees accredited both by France and Vietnam!
  6. Our mission is to guarantee that our students get jobs by training them in innovation and entrepreneurship based on the strong links that we enjoy with leading national and French companies in Vietnam.
  7. Our teaching methods are based on student self-sufficiency and initiative, team work and practicum’s.
  8. We propose a quality student lifestyle in an enabling scientific environment: library, multimedia equipment and videoconferencing, hosted in the modern buildings of the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology until 2015 and then in the Hoa Lac High-Tech Park.
  9. High-calibre teachers/professors from top French and Vietnamese organizations, schools and universities. The professors are both teachers and researchers.
  10. A multilanguage, multicultural environment: English, French, Vietnamese. Sound training in languages: the courses are taught in English, rounded out by French language and culture training throughout the course path. A remedial English course is provided before the start of courses