10 Reasons to Choose USTH

University of Science and Technology of Hanoi – USTH (also called Vietnam France University) is one of prestigious universities in Vietnam training high-quality human resources in the field of science and technology. With modern training model that promotes creativity and independence of students, international studying environment and access to global science, USTH becomes a “golden gate” for students who have a strong desire for science and technology.

1. European-standardised public university

USTH is one of the first universities in Vietnam that follows excellent public university model, aiming to providing high- qualified human resources for the field of science and technology.

Established under the Intergovernmental Agreement between Vietnam and France, USTH is the first university in Asia following the Bologna progress (LMD 3/5/8), which is widely used in most of universities in Europe. The training duration for Bachelor is 3 years, Master is 2 years, PhD is 3 years. Bachelor and Master training programmes of the university have been accredited by the HCERES (The High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education in France). In addition, USTH’s training programmes apply the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), facilitating study abroad for students.

For Master only, USTH cooperate with universities in USTH Consortium to train and issue two degrees of Vietnam and France.

Le Tot Nghiep


2. English as the official teaching language

Foreign language is one of biggest obtacles of Vietnamese students in searching jobs after graduation in the globalisation era. That is the reason why USTH chooses English as the official teaching language. Students are provided with foreign language’s skills through frequently-held English courses. Especially, to attract more science youth lovers whose English is not good enough, the university launches a one-year preparatory English course from the year 2018-2019 to help freshmen improve their English skills before starting general and specialised lessons.

3. Multicultural environment

Following the international-standardised university model, USTH strives to provide the best opportunities for students to study in a multicultural environment. Annually, the university welcomes over 200 arrivals of foreign lecturers who are experts in teaching, from countries with highly developed science and technology such as USA, France, Japan, South Korea and so on. Additionally, USTH also welcome international students through internship and exchange programmes. Thanks to it, students have chance to get to know different cultures in the world, thus preparing for their future study and working plan overseas.

IMG 9745
USTH students and lecturers at the opening ceremony of the academic year 2017-2018


4. Experienced and devoted teachers

100% of USTH lecturers hold PhD degrees and above and are experienced in teaching and conducting research. Of whom, over 50% of lecturers are from universities and research institutes in France, USA, Japan, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

Furthermore, the learner-centred method helps students develop their independence, creativity and ability to work in team as well as independently.

ảnh rector
Prof. Patrick Boiron, Rector of USTH (middle), took photo with students


5. Environment nurturing passion for science

USTH believes that passion for science needs to nurturing and fostering. Therefore, from the first year, students are provided with opportunities to participate in research projects with lecturers as well as domestic and international seminars and workshops nationally and internationally. They are also encouraged to be creative and to realise their ideas. A series of international-standardised laboratories as well as those of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) always welcome students to do experiment and conduct research. Besides a plenty of modern equipments, students would also be provided of appropriate laboratory instruments for Chemistry, Biology, Information Technology... In 2017, USTH built FABLAB, an open space for science lovers, with the funding from the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF).

nghien cuu cong bo
Dang Nhat MInh, third year student, who had article published in Q1 journal in Materials Science

6. A broad network of domestic and international partners

Since the establishment in 2009, USTH has been striving to develop its close relations with domestic and international partners in order to provide its students with the best opportunities for studying and taking internship. The university’s network of partners has been broadening from universities, research institutes, non-governmental organisations to enterprises in the field of science and technology in Vietnam and other countries such as France, USA, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Taiwan. Particularly, USTH is strongly supported by over a consortium of over 40 leading universities and research institutes in France (USTH Consortium), including designing programmes, sending lecturers to USTH, supporting USTH students to take internship in France.

7. Opportunities to study and take internship abroad

A good command of English, professional working style and ability to adapt quickly are advantages of USTH students to succeed in applying overseas internship programmes.

Annually, an average of 75% of third year students of Bachelor programmes and Master programmes of USTH take internship in developed countries like the UK, France, USA, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.

USTH also allocates an amount of its budget to 10% of excellent third-year students as fully-funded abroad internship scholarships.

thuc tap khap noi tren the gioi
USTH students take internship abroad


8. Reasonable tuition fee

Compared to the average tuition fee of 70-150 million VND/year of many international universities in Vietnam, the actual training expenses at USTH for Bachelor and Master programmes are 41 million VND and 43 million VND/year/student respectively, thanks to the support of Vietnamese and French government. It is a reasonable rate for average income of Vietnamese people, ensuring that not only students in major cities or wealthy families but ones from other parts of Vietnam are able to access the high-quality programmes of USTH.  

9. Various scholarship policies

In order to attract excellent students, USTH has various scholarships equivalent  to 100%, 75%, 50% or 25% of the tuition fee for students who have excellent results in interview; students who achieved national and international awards. Students under hard living circumstances, and those in remote areas will be eligible to apply for the financial aid, supported by USTH. 

10. Trainings on soft-skills and career orientation

Specialised knowledge that universities provide students with during their study is vital for youngsters to be successful in the future. However, is the knowledge enough to help them overcome challenges in the changing world? That is the reason why USTH focuses on providing its students with soft-skills such as presentation, plan making, report writing in English, time management and so on, ensuring graduates will quickly adapt and succeed.

Besides, USTH offers professional training courses (such as 3D modelling and designing). After the course, students will receive completion certificates which are widely accepted by specialised companies such as Dassault Systemes. The university also collaborates with major companies in Vietnam to organise career orientation events, helping students become more confident with their career choices./.