About USTH

Goals of the University

The main goal of the USTH is to develop a centre of research and teaching excellence that creates dynamic synergies between research and teaching by strengthening university-industry linkages in science and technology fields and developing new model to private-public cooperation in higher education/research institutions.

This responds to the emerging needs of the development of Vietnam.

At the academic level, the USTH targets an inclusion in the top 200 Universities of the Shangai Jiao Tong University world class ranking system at the horizon of 2025-30.

A University with International Concepts and Standards

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The teaching and diploma system  follows the so-called Bologna Process now used in almost all high–level Universities in the world. The Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees will be achieved in 3, 5 and 8 years, respectively.

The teaching contents are based both on a theoretical and experimental (practical) approaches and are prepared and taught in conjunction by French and Vietnamese professors, with a strong French input.

The Master degree diplomas is co-habilitated both by France and by Vietnam. Therefore, students obtaining the Master degree of the USTH will be allowed to proceed for a PhD thesis abroad.

Coming back to Vietnam these doctors will either participate to the development of the USTH (teaching/research positions) or to the development of the industry in Vietnam, where diploma from the USTH will be highly valuated.

The USTH proposes 6 master degrees that are prepared in the 6 corresponding teaching and research departments, and include substantial experimental training periods (9 months out of the 2 years of master couse).

The 8 thematic departments are:

These thematic topics have been chosen by the French and Vietnamese ministers to address the needs of Vietnam development. The originality of the USTH as a New Model University for Vietnam  relies in part to the strong connection between the USTH and the industrial partners in Vietnam.

The Bachelor degree
The bachelor degree will be achieved in three years. The formation is highly dedicated to practical’s. The formations progressively orient the students from natural sciences towards the 6 more specialized departments. If they wish so, after three years the students leaving the USTH with a bachelor degree will possess a diploma highly valuated in Vietnam industry.