Thông báo tuyển sinh hệ Thạc sĩ năm học 2016-2017

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About USTH

The creation of USTH has been formalized through an intergovernmental agreement on November 12th 2009 between Madame Valérie Pécresse, Minister of Research and Higher Education of France and M. Nguyen Thien Nhan, Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Education and Training of Vietnam. More »

USTH receives MoET Certificate of Merits in recognition of its achievements in the 2010-2015 period More »



Letter from the Rector

Prof. Patrick Boiron
(Lyon 1 University)
Rector of USTH


Dear Students,

You are, or you’ll be a student in a Vietnamese university aiming at international excellence. What does that mean?

– the USTH training process which is recognized in France, but also in all of Europe and even beyond, provides students with the opportunity to continue their education in many countries owing to the credit transfer system

– all training is conducted in English, taught by the brightest Vietnamese or foreign teachers, mainly from France, but also from other countries, ensuring greater employability, particularly at the international level

– practical and technical training are integral part of learning, allowing a high employability upon Bachelor or Master graduation

– comprehensive training is carried  in the context of a high level research environment, particularly in French and prestigious international research laboratories, ensuring access to the most up-to-date concepts and techniques

– the awareness of innovation as a driver of prosperity and economic development of Vietnam is strongly rooted in training.

All these are criteria of excellence that guarantee USTH students’ attractiveness for the most successful national and international companies. USTH thus offers a supportive work environment for success, fulfilment and employability.

For all of these reasons, you will be or already are a student in a university of excellence, and you can be proud of it.

Patrick Boiron
Rector of USTH



Two bio workshops organised by LMI-RICE at Agricultural Genetics Institute on May 27

“Interactions between roots and phytobeneficial bacteria in wheat: who’s there, and what is the plant response?” and “Pathogen-informed strategies for sustainable resistance in crops: what can we learn from Xanthomonas TAL effectors?” are the topics to be presented at the workshop held in the morning of May 27 at Agricultural Genetics Institute by two researchers from UMR IPME, Montpellier, France.

Portrait studio

Prof. Bernard Drévillon to speak about MASTER STEEM at USTH on May 27

The energy workshop, which is to be presented by Prof. Bernard Drévillon, École polytechnique, Palaiseau (France); Dr. Nguyễn Trần Thuật, Nano and Energy Center, University of Science, Vietnam National University Hanoi; and Dr. Trần Đình Phong, Co-Director of Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology Department of USTH, will take place at Room 811, Education and Service Building, VAST, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet, Hanoi from 9:30am Friday, May 27.

FINAL poster

USTH to organize RESEARCH & MASTER OPEN DAY on May 18

The event, which will take place at USTH Auditorium from 8:30-12:00 on May 18, is supposed to be a great rendez-vous for scientists and researchers, as well as an opportunity for students to get the most update consultation about Master program, scholarship and internship.