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Letter from the Rector

Prof. Patrick Boiron
(Lyon 1 University)
Rector of USTH


Dear Students,

You do, or you’ll be part of a Vietnamese university and international excellence. What does that mean? This indicates that this USTH integrated training process (called “Bologna”) recognized in France, but in all of Europe and even beyond, providing students the opportunity to continue their education in many countries ; that all training are conducted in English, taught by the brightest Vietnamese or foreign teachers, mainly from France, but also in many other countries, ensuring greater employability, particularly internationally, graduates; the practical and technical training is completely integral part of learning, allowing a high employability upon graduation from the Bachelor or Master; that comprehensive training is carried out by and for research, particularly in French and prestigious international research laboratories; the awareness of innovation as a driver of prosperity and economic development of Vietnam as well as education and research, is strongly rooted in training. All these criteria of excellence that guarantee students the interest of national and most successful international companies. The USTH is a university offering a supportive work environment for success, fulfillment and employability.

For all these reasons, you are part of a university of excellence, and you can be proud of it.

Patrick Boiron
Rector of USTH



USTH holds graduation ceremony for 2012-2015 intake

“Whatever your plans are, you will bring honour to USTH. For that, I would like to extend to all of you my best wishes. May the knowledge, skills and values you have learned at USTH accompany you throughout your life, to make yourself fully responsible, well-educated and eager for knowledge,” Rector Patrick Boiron highlights in his speech at the ceremony.


USTH and AFD Vietnam seek aeronautics training co-operation

Madam Anna LIPCHITZ, Deputy Director of AFD Vietnam and USTH Rector, Patrick BOIRON met on August 26 to discuss future co-operation in building the training program for aeronautics.


USTH takes part in 11th Rencontres du Vietnam

USTH’s Department of Space & Aeronautics Director, Yannick Giraud-Héraud, joined the conference as member of the scientific program committee, and Hoang Duc Thuong as participant.